November 2019 Red Meat Mission to China

As a follow up to the China market access mission in September, the Canadian Pork Council, the Canadian Meat Council and serval representatives from pork processing companies returned to China in early November for meetings in Beijing and the port cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. Most of Canadian pork is shipped through these three ports.


The purpose of the mission was to demonstrate Canada’s commitment to its Chinese partners, as well as convey that the country is dedicated to correcting the paperwork issues that led to the suspension of pork exports to China in the summer of 2019. This was also a great opportunity to engage in conversation on pork trade.

The group met with Chinese Food Safety and Customs officials as well as importers and service providers that support the customs clearance and logistical process. This trip was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with Ambassador Barton and several key customs officials in each of the ports that are responsible for allowing Canadian pork into the country.



The demand for pork in the Chinese market will remain very strong in the short term and the Canadian pork industry is working to help fill the demand and provide a safe and high quality product, especially in a time where pork is in short supply because of African swine fever outbreak in China. 

The market may attract even more attention from Canadian companies if the import regulations for chilled pork are changed. "This would be an incredible opportunity for the Canadian pork sector, as we have had great success exporting fresh chilled pork all over the world, especially in Japan, where Canadian pork is seen as a premium product"  says CPC Director of Government and Corporate Affairs Gary Stordy.