L'analyste du CPC se penche régulièrement sur de grandes quantités d'information pour pister la performance du secteur et pour identifier les tendances. 

In the Hog Statistics at a Glance section, statistics are provided to keep track of:

  • Slaughter numbers
  • Market hogs and prices
  • Pork imports and exports

The Hog Farm Data provides an overview of the Canadian Hog Industry by province and includes:

  • Hogs Marketed in Canada by Province (in thousands of head)
  • Total Pigs on Farm by Province (in thousands of head)
  • Pigs on Farm
  • Number of Farms Reporting Pigs
  • Average Number of Pigs per Farm

The Canadian Live Swine and Pork Exports section provides:

  • Annual total of live hog and pork exports in volume and value.