About the Council


The Canadian Pork Council is located in Ottawa , Canada ‘s capital city. Structured as an incorporated, not-for-profit, national industry organization, the Council operates with funding supplied through the fees of its member associations.

Core Purposes

The Canadian Pork Council’s mission is to play a leadership role, involving all levels of industry and government, in the concerted effort towards a common understanding and action plan for achieving a dynamic and prosperous pork industry in Canada . All initiatives and programs undertaken or supported by the Council have their roots in striving to fulfill this mission.

We have a keen insight into how hard hog producers work to meet their domestic and international customers’ needs, while protecting the natural resources they depend on and committing themselves to the production of a safe, high quality product. We are also aware of consumers’ desires to be informed about the industry and the product it produces.

With this knowledge in hand, and based on our core mission, the Canadian Pork Council focuses on four strategic priorities that will enhance our national hog sector’s success. They include:

  • Market Access
  • Industry Competitiveness
  • Consumer Confidence
  • Public Policy Advocacy

Stakeholder Benefits

It is essential that the needs of producers be heard during national and international discussions that will impact the Canadian hog industry. The Canadian Pork Council provides this representation.


In 1966, hog producers in Canada formed the Canadian Swine Council for the purpose of negotiating and developing a new grading system. At that time, it became clear that a national industry group for the hog sector was necessary. Over the years the organization, later renamed the Canadian Pork Council, has continued to grow as new policy and programming responsibilities have been added to its mandate.

Today, the Council is the national voice of the hog sector, with a membership that includes Canada ‘s nine provincial industry associations which, in turn, represent over 12,000 hog producers. The Council serves them through its national and international policy advocacy efforts, as well as through the development and implementation of initiatives dealing with food safety, animal care, traceability, animal health, environmental management, international trade and nutrition. Our leadership has played a key role in allowing the Canadian pork industry to reach and maintain its position among the best in the world.