Programs that are included under the Canadian Pork Excellence platform are overseen by producers. The committees are representative of all the provinces and ensure programs are streamlined, easy to use and technically sound. Five committees participated in the update of the CQA and ACA programs and the development of the PigSAFE and PigCARE programs:

The Management Group is responsible for supporting and guiding the overall development, implementation and validation of the core national on-farm programs. 

The Food Safety Technical Committee is responsible to review new science and technology, bringing forward opportunities for improvement of the food safety program, PigSAFE.

The Animal Care Technical Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Code of practice for the care and handling of pigs is reflected within the animal care program, PigCARE.

The Validator Committee provides on-farm experience and shares their input to ensure that the programs reflect real-world scenarios.

The Peer Review Committee will begin its work in January 2018 and provide its report before February 2018. 

Canadian Pork Excellence Management Group Picture


Management Group

Food Safety Technical Committee

Animal Care Technical Committee

Peer Review Committee

Validator Committee

British Columbia          
Jarno Schutte       Member  
Dr. Josh Waddington         Member
Hendrik Fourie       Member  
Martin Bowman Member        
Dan Majeau   Member      
Javier Bahamon   Member Observer    
Kristian Stephens   Observer      
Dr. Kurt Preugsh         Member
Casey Smit Member        
Toby Tschetter       Member  
Dickson Gould Member        
Zenon Forster   Member      
Bridget Gray Member       Member
Jennifer Brown     Member    
Dr. Henry Gauvreau         Member
Margaret Rempel       Member  
Edward Stahl       Member  
Nina Etchells       Member  
Mark Fynn Member Member Member   Member
Claude Vielfaure          
Dr. Karine Talbot     Member   Member
Dr. Blaine Tully         Member
Dr. Tony Nikkel         Member
Scott Peters Member   Chair    
Doug Ahrens Chair        
Bruce Clark       Member  
Mark Verkyl       Member  
Frank Wood Member       Member
Teresa VanRaay Member       Member
John Debruyn     Member    
Penny Lawlis     Member   Member
Dr. Allister Scorgie         Member
Dr. Kevin Vilaca         Member
Dr. Christine Pelland         Member
Dr. Mike Degroot         Member
François Nadeau       Member  
François Nadeau Member        
Frédéric Beaulac   Consultant      
Michèle Giguère   Consultant     Member
Marie-Pier Lachance Member Observer Member    
Dr. Martine Denicourt         Member
Dr. Gary Desmarais         Member
René Roy Member Chair   Member  
Dr. Dan Hurnik (PEI, NS, NB)         Member
Tim Seeber (PEI)     Observer    
Hans Kristensen (PEI) Member        
Canadian Pork Council          
Dr. Egan Brockhoff Member       Member
Audrey Cameron Member Member Member   Member