Foreign Trade

As the 3rd largest pork exporter of the world, foreign trade policies are of utmost importance to the prosperity and vitality of the Canadian pork industry. In 2016, Canada has exported over 1.2 million tonnes of pork and pork products valued at $3.8 billion to over 100 countries. 

The Canadian governement's trade agenda is instrumental in driving benefits to Canadian hog producers. The CPC plays an influencial role in helping to shape federal trade priorities, through direct representations and through organizations that have mutual interests.

All the long-term projections for global demand of pork paint a picture of sustained increase well into the future. Canada's ability to be able to maximize on the opportunity to provide quality pork to the rest of the world is in large part going to be a determinant of overall success.

As 70 % of Canada's pork is exported, the development of foreign trade policies is a key priority for the Canadian Pork Council.

The Canadian Pork Council works closely with Canada Pork International on all trade related issues. Established in 1991, Canada Pork International is the export promotion agency of the Canadian pork industry. CPI activities are focused on resolving technical market access issues, promoting Canadian pork internationally and supporting member initiatives to increase the value of Canadian pork exports. To learn more about Canada Pork International, please visit: