CPC Position

It is essential that the needs of producers be heard during national and international discussions that will impact the Canadian hog industry. As a whole, the Canadian pork industry hold more weight when a national organization speaks on its behalf than it would if all provinces were to lobby independently. The CPC is the voice for 7,000 Canadian pork producers and insures their voice is heard by policy makers.


Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

The Canadian Pork Council expressed the views of hog farmers on proposed tax changes that will have a direct impact on their farms as part of the Department of Finance Canada's consultation process on October 2nd, 2017. The CPC also had the opportunity to meet with governement officials in person to voice farm owner's concerns in September 2017.


Pacific Alliance Free Trade Agreement

In September 2017, the Canadian Pork Council participated in the Free Trade Agreemment with the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Peru) consultation process in order to voice the opinion of Canadian hog farmers.

Consultation on Trade with Asia-Pacific Nations

In October 2017, the Canadian Pork Council participated in the Government of Canada's consultation on trade with Asia-Pacific nations (TPP-11, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines).

North American Free Trade Agreement

In July 2018, the CPC took part in the NAFTA consultations held in Ottawa. 


A Food Policy for Canada

The Government of Canada is working on A Food Policy for Canada, an initiative that will set a long-term vision for the health, environmental, social and economic goals related to food.  The CPC is making sure pork producer's voices are heard on this important matter.

Animal Health

Fee proposal for drugs and medical devices

The Canadian Pork Council greatly appreciates the opportunity to comment on Health Canada’s proposed changes to the fee schedule for drugs and medical devices.