Statistical Information

The Canadian Pork Council’s Sector Analyst regularly analyses large quantities of data in order to track how the hog industry is performing and identify trends.

To access all of the statistical Information for download please visit our Resources Page.

In the Hog Statistics at a Glance section, statistics are provided to keep track of:

  • Slaughter numbers
  • Market hogs and prices
  • Pork imports and exports

Weekly Hog Market Report

  • National Findings
  • Market hog slaughter
  • Weekly Hog Prices

In the Trade Report section, you will find a monthly report of:

  • Canadian pork exports 
  • Imports of pork
  • Live trade statistics

The Hog Farm Data & Quarterly Farm Cash Receipts provides an overview of the Canadian Hog Industry by province and includes:

  • Hogs Marketed in Canada by Province (in thousands of head)
  • Total Pigs on Farm by Province (in thousands of head)
  • Pigs on Farm
  • Number of Farms Reporting Pigs
  • Average Number of Pigs per Farm

The Canadian Live Swine and Pork Exports section provides:

  • Annual total of live hog and pork exports in volume and value.