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Movement reporting


Premises-to-Premises Swine Movements

The PigTrace program requires all premises-to-premises swine movements be reported (except barns within the same premises).  Some types of movements require animal identification.  Full details and procedures can be found at Requirements.

Swine movement data will be reported directly to PigTrace by the site operator or their designate using various reporting tools (some yet to be developed) such as:

  • PigTrace online (pigtrace.ca) – by entering data manually into the database using the online form or uploading a .csv file;
  • PigTrace mobile (pigtrace.ca) – using your handheld unit or mobile device (i.e., eManifest); and
  • PigTrace Webservice which automatically sends data from your management software directly to the database.

In Alberta, movements in accordance with the provincial traceability system. Alberta Pork and the Government of Alberta have initiated a provincial swine traceability initiative, which is harmonized with PigTrace Canada.

Reporting Period

Information must be reported to PigTrace within 7 days of shipping or receipt of pigs, deadstock or parts of deadstock.

Linked Premises

Linked premises do not need to report each movement; however, summary information must be provided on a monthly basis, including: the number of movements between linked premises, total number of pigs moved, and the trailer license plates involved. This information must be provided by the 10th of each month.

Only farm premises ca be linked.  To meet the criteria for registration, premises must have regular movements between one another (at least 3 times a month).  Linked premises registration lasts for a period of 6 months, which can then be renewed.  Premises registered as linked automatically share the same health status in a disease investigation.

To register linked premises, please contact your provincial pork organization to find out if you meet the criteria for approval.

PigTrace Canada Manifest

Traceability regulations will require the necessary movement information to accompany pig shipments when moving pigs and/or deadstock. Existing commercial manifests can be used to fulfill this requirement if they contain the necessary information (date/time, source, destination, number of pigs, license plate and animal identiifers).

PigTrace Canada recommends that you review your document to ensure that all required data is being captured for your own ease in record keeping. The PigTrace Canada Manifest can be used as a reference document. The necessary information is marked with an asterisk (*).

Record Keeping Requirements

All pig identification, movement and location information reported to PigTrace must be kept in records for a period of five (5) years.  This involves all pig identification and movement information reported to PigTrace.