Small-scale producers

The Canadian Pork Council represents 7,000 commercial pork producers in Canada who are members of provincial associations, but recognizes that there are many more people who own and take care of pigs.

People who raise and take care of pigs are passionate about what they do, whether they do it on a large or small scale, for commercial purposes, or for their own pleasure. The way we do things may vary, but we believe everyone who cares about pigs raises them to the very best of their knowledge and ability.

Canadian pork producers represented by the Canadian Pork Council rely on the Canadian Pork Excellence programs and the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs for guidance and directions. They also follow national traceability requirements.

Of course, these programs may not fully apply to every pig owner’s reality. Some provinces, and sometimes municipalities, have additional or different guidelines or laws to follow.  


The following resources might help new, and even experienced pig owners gain knowledge about pig ownership, taking care of pigs and best practices to ensure their health and welfare.

The Canadian Small-Scale Pig Farming Manual is designed for people who are interested in raising pigs on a small-scale basis. Maybe you are new to raising pigs. Perhaps you have been at it for a while and still have questions about different aspects of pig management. The objective of the Manual is to provide you with information in key areas to help you raise pigs successfully and responsibly. The Manual builds on the experience of small-scale pig farmers who have learned by doing. They have spent a great deal of time and resources fine-tuning their farms to raise their pigs successfully.

Click here to view the  National Small Scale Producer Manual.


Commercial pork producers are particularly concerned about the spread of pig diseases. Good biosecurity protects the entire pig population in Canada. Please ensure you follow good biosecurity practises, build strong fences to keep your pigs from escaping and keep wild pigs away from your pigs, and never feed them anything that has been in contact with meat or meat products.


Tagging pigs and reporting their movements is mandatory in Canada.