Purchasing PigTRACE ear tags

Orders can be placed:

PigTRACE ear tags are custom-printed products. Orders are typically delivered within 2-3 weeks of payment. Payment is accepted by e-transfer, EFT, cheque, and credit card.

Your order shipping status can be tracked by logging into your PigTRACE account. Once the order is shipped, you can also view the Canada Post tracking status.

Small quantities and rush orders are available through many provincial pork offices, who maintain inventory for urgent and orders of fewer than 25 ear tags. Please contact your provincial pork office for more details.

PigTRACE Ear Tag Price Increase Effective December 15, 2023

With increased foreign animal disease risk putting traceability at the centre of preparedness and zoning activities, PigTRACE is more important than ever.

CPC incurred increased costs for the manufacture and distribution of PigTRACE ear tags through 2023. These costs have unfortunately become unsustainable and must be passed on to customers. CPC applied a 10% pricing increase to PigTRACE ear tags and accessories on December 15, 2023. New pricing is listed in the table below.

Order quantity

Non-electronic ear tags

Electronic (large)

























*Order quantities are in multiples of 25 tags. Minimum order of 25 tags.
**Prices include shipping. Applicable taxes are extra.