PigTRACE for Small-Scale Pig Producers

This information is intended to provide a quick summary of the main program elements of PigTRACE, an industry-led, pig traceability initiative designed to ensure protection, prosperity, and peace of mind in responding to animal health and food safety emergencies. The program is mandated by federal law, which came into effect on July 1, 2014 by an amendment to the federal Health of Animals Regulations.

All pig owners must register an account with PigTRACE.


1) Report all incoming and outgoing pig movements to PigTRACE within 7 days (after movement).

Information to report:

  • origin and destination locations
  • date & time of departure or reception
  • license plate of vehicle or trailer (if tandem unit)
  • number of pigs
  • animal identification (*where applicable, see below)

2) Animal identification required for certain types of movements:

  • Weaners and feeder pigs going from a farm to another farm do not require animal identification; however, pigs used in breeding (sows and boars) require the 15-digit PigTRACE Individual ID ear tag.
  • Pigs going to slaughter must have either a:
    • 5-digit herd mark number applied to the pig’s shoulder or back using commercial tattooing equipment OR non-toxic livestock spray paint and homemade stencil (*check with abattoir),
    • 5-digit PigTRACE Herd Mark ear tag, or
    • 15-digit PigTRACE Individual ID ear tag (large or small tag)
  • The 15-digit PigTRACE Individual ID ear tag must be used (i.e., is the only option) when:
    • pigs are imported
    • pigs go to fair, exhibition or auction
    • sows or boars move from one farm to another farm
  • Pigs being exported must have a PigTRACE ear tag or a Herd Mark ear tattoo (feeder pigs only)


The program provides two options for pig identification:

  • The herd mark is a 5-digit number assigned to a farm. It can only be used for movements to slaughter or export, as it must identify the last farm of residence before slaughter or export.
  • The individual ID is a unique 15-digit number that is specific to every pig. This can be used to identify pigs going anywhere.

For more information about tags and tattoos, click here.
For information about purchasing tags, click here.

3 ways to register for a PigTRACE account:

  • Click here, and complete the form, or
  • Contact PigTRACE customer service at 1-866-300-1825 (*press 4 for new registration), or
  • Contact your provincial pork organization.

If you have a Premises Identification Number (PID), please share it at the time of registering. If you don’t have a PID, PigTRACE staff will assist you with getting one.

Other Helpful Information

1) Sow farms that sell piglets to customers for further growing can voluntarily apply the 15-digit individual ID tags (small piglet tag) to the pigs before shipping/selling them to customers. Customers would then have pig identification for eventual slaughter.

  • Be sure to report the tag numbers involved in these movements so they are no longer associated with the originating sow farm.
  • PigTRACE offer tag orders through its inventories at most provincial pork offices.

2) Movements to/from unknown or unregistered locations:

If you are reporting movements to the PigTRACE database (by computer or mobile browser at www.pigtrace.ca), you must enter a valid Premises ID Number for the locations.

You can contact PigTRACE staff or your provincial pork organizations at any time to ask if a PID exists for the location you are shipping to / receiving from (e-mail pigtracevm@cpc-ccp.com or call 1-866-300-1825 with any requests for assistance).

If your supplier is not registered with PigTRACE, you can enter the other location with the province code followed by “unknown” (e.g., ONunknown, BCunknown, etc). We ask that you also enter any additional information about the location in the “note” box (e.g., contact name, contact info, etc).