Our Programs

Canadian Pork Excellence is the national platform that covers three major components of on-farm programs: Traceability, Food Safety and Animal Care.

PigTrace | PorcTracé
PigSafe | PorcSalubrité
PigCare | PorcBien-Être

In order to ensure that on-farm programs continue to reflect the remarkable work of producers and meet the domestic and global consumer demand, Canadian producers and stakeholders have been updating the CQA and ACA programs with the support of provincial member associations and CPC staff. The updated CQA program is called PigSAFE and the ACA program is called PigCARE. Both were launched under the Canadian Pork Excellence umbrella in 2019.


This project has been funded through the Assurance Systems stream of the AgriMarketing program under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.