Powerhouse of Nutrition  

Containing many essential nutrients required to optimize growth, development and repair of the body, pork makes a valuable contribution to a healthy, balanced pattern of eating. 


Protein is vital to every cell in the body. Protein repairs body tissues, builds enzymes, hormones and muscles, supports the immune system, regulates chemical reactions in the body, helps form blood cells and provides energy.

Pork has all the essential amino acids or ‘building blocks’ needed for optimal health.

When compared to pork, most plant proteins are not as well digested and/or have limited amounts of one or more of the essential amino acids. Legumes, however, contain fibre and complex carbohydrates, making them a great alternative to rice and pasta to create a balanced meal.

Pork - A powerhouse of Nutrition

MORE TO PORK than just protein

Pork is a powerhouse of nutrition! Every bite provides high-quality protein, energy and key vitamins and minerals. Pork is also naturally low in sodium and saturated fat.

  • Pork is loaded with important B vitamins including B6 and B12. Your body depends on a daily replenishing of B vitamins to function properly.
  • Pork is the leading food source of thiamin. Thiamin helps convert food into energy, regulate appetite and maintain the normal function of the nervous system, heart and muscles.
  • Pork is the best meat source of riboflavin; it helps keep your nervous system, skin and eyes healthy.
  • Pork is an excellent source of selenium, a mineral that acts like an antioxidant by helping prevent and repair cell damage.
  • Pork is a good source of iron, an essential mineral for the body since it helps maintain healthy red blood cells.
  • Pork delivers a good supply of magnesium and phosphorus. Both minerals help to strengthen bones and teeth.

Learn more about the nutrient value of Canadian pork

Many Canadians are over fed and under nourished resulting in significant negative health consequences.   Obesity has tripled in a generation and 22% of the calories we consume come from fats and oils, condiments, candy, chips and pop. Dietary patterns have shifted away from fresh and minimally processed foods to include alarming amounts of added sugars and ultra-processed foods.  

Canadians need to focus on getting nutritious food like pork into their diets. Canada’s Food Guide provides guidance for Canadians of all ages on healthy eating patterns.

Canadian Pork Council Member Associations offer a wide variety of delicious and healthy recipes featuring pork: