CPC discussing climate change with House of Common’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food

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CPC discussing climate change
with House of Common’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food

February 8, 2018 – OTTAWA Canadian Pork Council’s First Vice-Chair, Hans Kristensen, shared thoughts on climate change from the perspective of pork producers during yesterday’s House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food.

The committee is examining Climate Change and Water and Soil Conservation Issues and Mr. Kristensen shared information on how pork producers are committed to reducing the environmental impact of pork production, and how farmers are contributing to healthier soils and protecting waterways.

“Like all Canadians, hog producers are concerned about the implications of climate change and what impact we, as food producers, have on the soil and water resources that we depend upon,” Mr. Kristensen said. “Climate change is not a theoretical challenge for us. It impacts the crops we grow, the facilities that we use to protect our animals and the plant and animal diseases we face.”

Huge strides are being made in tackling climate change as pork producers are continuously improving the efficiency and environmental sustainability of production by adopting innovative health and husbandry practices, adapting tools that support sustainable and environmentally responsible production and utilizing fewer resources. These initiatives are lessening the environmental impact of pork production.

Over the years, pork producers have embraced a number of different initiatives – often in partnership with federal, provincial and municipal governments. Initiatives such as Environmental Farm Plans allow farmers to identify and mitigate potential risks on their farm. As there is always more work to be done, producers are partnering with governments and investing heavily in research and development. For example, further improvements in feed efficiency will reduce the overall impact of pig production.

Given the importance of innovation, pork producers are very pleased with the Government of Canada’s focus on this area. In support of this, in 2016, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) completed the public process to establish a Promotion and Research Agency.  Creating such an agency would provide producers with a new source of industry funds that could be used to expand on innovation. The CPC looks forward to the Government of Canada completing its review of the application and taking the measures necessary to establish the agency.

To read Mr. Kristensen’s full address to the Committee, please visit http://www.cpc-ccp.com/climate-change.

The Canadian Pork Council is the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations representing 7,000 farms, the organization plays a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.


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