On-Farm Programs

Traceability - PigTRACE
Program Requirements
Purchasing Ear Tags
Methods of Movement Reporting
PigSAFE® | PigCARE Programs
PigSAFE|PigCARE Programs
Producer Manual 2018
Vaccine and Drug Use Policy
Animal Welfare Policy
Mandatory Components
Module 1 - Personnel Training
Module 2 - Barn Maintenance and Sanitation
Module 3 - Inputs
Module 4 - Feed and Water
Module 5 - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
Module 6 - Pests, Domesticated Animals and Dead Stock Controls
Module 7 - PigCARE
Module 8 - Biosecurity
Module 9 - Transportation
Module 10 - Other Certification Programs
Fact Sheets
CQA|ACA Programs
Producer Manual 2017 Updates
On-Farm Quality Assessment Form
ACA Manual 2017 Updates
ACA Appendices
The Compendium of Veterinary Products.
Biosecurity Standard and Benchmark
Canadian Swine Biosecurity Standard
Canadian Swine Health Board Participant Workbook
Canadian Swine Biosecurity Benchmark
Other Resources
Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Programs
Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program Protocol
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 4
Annex 5
Annex 5.1